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Transition Pasadena

January 2015

Screening of “1971”

Courage and Resistance Tour

Tuesday, January 27
7:00 pm

Beckman Institute Auditorium
Caltech, Pasadena


“14 years before Edward Snowden was even born, a group of antiwar activists broke into an FBI office, stole all the documents, and turned them over to the press. The public learned of a vast FBI domestic spying operation conducted on thousands of unsuspecting Americans—including Martin Luther King Jr. The ‘Activist Burglars’ were never found... until now.”

The critically- acclaimed documentary ”1971”  by Johanna Hamilton presents the  thrilling account of the historic FBI break-in, the film will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Betty Medsger, author of “The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover’s Secret FBI”; John and Bonnie Raines, two of the burglars; and former members of the Black Panther Party.

Co-sponsored by Caltech “Y” Social Activism Speaker Series and ACLU-Southern California Pasadena/Foothills chapter.

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Pasadena’s Urban Forest Management Plan Survey

Pasadena’s Department of Public Works is developing an Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP). The UFMP will update and consolidate the City’s public tree management practices, guidelines for tree protection, and information on the tree ordinance into one document. The UFMP will also include a strategic vision which will allow the City to set goals and objectives for the management of the urban forest.

As an initial step, Public Works and the consulting firm Dudek  have developed an online survey that will help gauge the public’s opinions on the importance of Pasadena’s urban forest. Pasadena residents, businesses, and visitors are encouraged to participate in this survey to help guide and shape public tree policies.

The results of the 10-minute survey will be used as an essential component of the UFMP. The survey will be available until February 1, 2015.

To participate, visit: publicworks/urbanforestsurvey.

For additional information, please contact the Pasadena Citizen Service Center at (626) 744-7311.
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Repair Cafe Pasadena at Villa-Parke

Saturday, January 24 — 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Villa-Parke Community Center
363 Villa Ave., Pasadena


"Taller de Reparación" or Repair Cafe will be popping up at Villa-Parke on Saturday, January 24 from 10am to 1pm. 
Bring your broken appliances, toys, treasures, electronics, jewelry or clothing in need of repair. 

Repair Cafe is an idea popping up worldwide for engaging community in an entirely free event where we get to know each other, share skills and information, reduce waste to the landfill and have fun.  This event will be bilingual Spanish and English.

Repair Cafe Pasadena has been having its itinerant events around town for two and a half years.  We were one of the first US Repair Cafes, and are now frequently advising other towns how to get their own up and running.  This week a University of Colorado NIH grant recipient interviewed us for more information related to Repair Cafe as a Time Bank project in relation to the health of Senior Citizens.

If you would like to repair, sew, translate, or triage, contact Therese. See you there!

— Therese Brummel

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Repair Café Pasadena

Poster by Ginko Lee, image by Ginko Lee and Qrys Cunningham

Throop Learning Garden

Notes from the Garden

2014 proved to be a momentous year.

We hosted a number of talks and workshops, fundraised, financed, and installed the beginning part of a rainwater harvesting system. We increased our native plant population, and decreased our water usage in a time of drought. We formed new alliances that will boost our capacity to offer workshops.

We hope to offer workshops in tree care and pruning, rose care and pruning, native plant healing, and more. Dates will be posted soon.

We are also happy to partner with Throop Church for a month-long Earth celebration — 30 Days for Earth. This will feature multiple workshops and events on the Sundays leading up to Earth Day.

Garden Workshops

Throop Learning Garden invites you to two timely garden workshops.

Rose Care Workshop

Sunday, January 25 from 1-3pm

George Patton, horticulturist, permaculturist, and educator, will offer tips and techniques on caring for roses.

His presentation will include:
  • Tool care and maintenance
  • Planting a rose bush
  • Pruning roses
  • Pest control
  • Rose care and maintenance to maximize blooms
This hands-on workshop has limited space. RSVP is necessary to attend. $10 suggested, donation day of event, (sliding scale.)

RSVP to   ***indicate ROSE in subject line

Fruit Tree Care Workshop

Sunday, February 1 from 1-3pm

George Patton, horticulturist, permaculturist, and educator, will offer tips and techniques on caring for fruit trees.

His presentation will include:
  • Tool care and maintenance
  • Pruning fruit trees
  • Pest control
  • Tree care and maintenance to maximize yields
This hands-on workshop has limited space. RSVP is necessary to attend. $10 suggested donation day of event, (sliding scale.)

RSVP to   ***indicate TREES in subject line

Thanks to all our community for support, inspiration, and fun. The year ahead is such a bright continuation of what has already begun.

— January Nordman

Throop Learning Garden

Published: January 16, 2015;  CC BY-SA

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